A Wave On The Ocean

By Bensholto

Starting to wind down, ready for a week off work.
(I still have to work this Saturday, but at least after that, I'm off for more than a week.)

I went to watch Prometheus after work. There is more I liked about it than did not like.
Afterwards, I got off the Metrolink a few stops early, at Pomona.
I took a few photos facing various ways, looking up and down the Manchester Ship Canal.
On the left, the buildings currently stand empty; they will soon be a "combined leisure, retail and living space" known as The Soapworks.

It used to be a Colgate factory, manufacturing and distributing toothpaste. Sometimes, I could walk down Trafford Road, and get a strange smell of warm minty toothpaste from the factory, as one shift ended and the next began.

And for those still reading, who have followed my journal for a while.....

Last year, I wrote about something awful and horrible that had happened to the family of a friend of mine. Yesterday, the person responsible for the awful and horrible things was found guilty.
Today, the same person was sentenced to a minimum of thirty six years for what he did.


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