What if?

By wakarusa


I got this at just after 6 this morning. It didn't last long and it is some time since I have seen a decent sunrise. So much depends on how much moisture there is in the air, the clouds and wind. So I confess that I haven't looed much further. It is again windy, which makes it difficult to shoot flowers. Hopefully, tomorrow it will have dropped. I am hoping to get some planting done tomorrow. Before we know it, it will be the heat of summer. Spring is very short in this part of the world.
We went to a funeral this morning, church packed, two people killed in an auto accident. All very sad.; They both had big families, all living in Kansas, so there was a huge family attendance, never mind the rest of us who knew them.
Glad you liked the cama yesterday. I must plant more. They are very attractive.

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