Life though my lens

By LauraJaneFyfe


We got up early to get on the road to head to Las Vegas! We got into Vegas around lunchtime and checked into our hotel - Ballys, which was in a great central position on the main strip. We then went out to experience the experience that is Las Vegas. The sights on the strip astounded us from the first few steps out of the hotel. You could not walk a single step without seeing someone in fancy dress, without a drink in their hands, see the flashing lights of the casinos and hotels and hear music being blasted from everywhere. Rosie, Jena and I met up with Jo at Treasure Island for dinner at Senor Frog which was great fun. We got questionable balloon hats, yard glasses of alcohol, neon flashing lights and our dinner involved Jena and Jo taking part in a drinking contest (in which Jo was triumphant). We then walked the length of the strip heading into different casinos, bars and hotels for drinks and to look around. We saw the spectacular fountains of the Bellagio, listened to live bands in Margaritaville, walked around the canals of 'venice', saw a volcano explode, visited the 'Eiffel tower' and the 'statue of liberty' and saw all the amazing sights that vegas had to offer. After the strip we headed to MGM - Hakkasan - one of the most famous clubs in the world where we saw Steve Aoki perform. The club was fantastic and we danced the nights away into the early hours. I feel it safe to saw that we feel that we did Vegas justice and that it was one of the best nights of my life!

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