Chi Lin (Qi Ling) The Dragon Horse

I went out to photograph something in the garden (which I did) but saw the evening sun striking one of the pair of Chi Lins on the deck and took a couple of photos.   When Immy saw me downloading the images to my laptop, she remarked that I should blip this image because it looks like how she feels today - she's been in a terrible mood!  I had to agree with her….

We've had these for a number of years and I have to admit that they looked more at home outside the front entrance of the house in Bahrain, with its double doors and green marble step covered by a portico.  Our front door here is rather less imposing and I have put the Chi Lins on a wooden step on the front deck (they should not be placed at ground level, according to Feng Shui tradition).  The Chi Lin has the head of a dragon, the body of a horse and is covered with the scales of a carp.  Also known as the Chinese Unicorn, this mythical creature is supposed to protect the house from evil spirits.

It's been a rather disjointed day.  We had a meeting with Immy's Form Tutor this morning for a 'Student-Led Achivement Conference', which seemed to go well and the feedback from the Form Tutor was very positive (she started out by saying "you must be very proud of this girl").  I then came home leaving Immy at school for an hour and a half, then had to go and pick her up again and then had the children in the afternoon, so not much course work got done.  In poetry we're doing the Haiku and Haibun this week.

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