My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Flowers from the garden

Great night last night and the fact that she had her grandson with her meant The Queen was definitely more amused with the evening's frivolities. Just a shame she "dyed" her hair with ash from the fire as it didn't make for a pleasant sight in the morning. Though wouldn't have been as bad as the birthday boy who being a Smurf was blue from head to foot!

Got Sophie and Phil coming for dinner tonight, so after a gym visit first thing, been getting bits and pieces ready for that - including laying the table, which for the first time ever I've decorated with flowers from the garden.

The solid rain, sun, then cooler weather has meant the garden is literally blooming and removing a few flowers and some greenery to fill 5 wee glasses didn't even make a tiny dent in it!

The wine is now chilling, nearly all the prep is done and The Queen is going definitely going to make up for driving last night!

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