Sit down status with the Quo

A fun evening had by all in the Royal Albert Hall.

29 years ago in Wembley Stadium I would never have imagined that you could have squeezed the massive Quo sound in the the Albert Hall. But sure enough with a few instrument changes they managed a huge set of classic songs back to back all from the comfort of their chairs (almost said 'wheelchairs' pfft!!). They were absolutely flawlessly tight with superbly balanced sound (for the RAH) and voices almost unravaged by the years. They certainly had the RAH singing and dancing in like I have never heard. Screaming leads supplied by a string section as Parfitt and the boys sat behind their acoustics.

I was joined by fellow blippers Houblon and Storksrock joining in the headbanging from the balcony. A most enjoyable evening without the ghastly hassle of a stadium gig ... maybe I am getting soft?

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