Violets journey

By Violetsjourney

Violet with a daisy!

Some 3 weeks have passed since I uploaded a picture here: partly because we've had a few weeks of unprecedented illness, each of us getting a nasty flu like virus in turn  - and then getting it again! Poor little Violet has been no exception and has had some very poorly days.  This week though, she has been feeling more like herself and looking much more cheerful again!
Got to love her very cute daisy hair clip!

NB the scratch under her nose was self inflicted: she absolutely hates anyone attempting to wipe her face and puts her hands up to stop you doing so.  This time she caught her own face with her fingernail as she batted her Mummy away!


When I have the time I'll try to update this journal: I confess the still (to me) slightly uncertain future of  Blipfoto has lessened my desire to post here rather than elsewhere, at least for my record of Violet.  Also I am no longer a member apparently for this journal, although I paid in October 2014.  Lifetime membership for my other journal still stands.

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