Lindis Hills

Huge day and I'm buggered!!  We left here at 7am and returned home at 7.30 pm.  Lots of kilometers traveled, lots of stops, lots of autumn colours, lots of water, reflections, clouds, impressionist stuff, and more.

I've quickly sorted out two to show - thought I'd blip the "pretty" one, but at the last minute I've swopped them around. My blip is through the Lindis Pass, the hills were lovely, pretty good light showing the curves of the land.  I thought our Ozzie blippers would appreciate this as they traveled through here last weekend.
The extra is our morning tea stop of some very early morning light coming through the trees.

A superb day with superb company - three car loads of enthusiastic photographers happy to share our ideas and generally have a mighty fine day.

Boo Hoo - our Crusaders are beaten tonight.


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