Seeker of Everyday Magic

By Squatbetty

122/365: A well earned drink

I've had a long, but enjoyable, day with my mum and Holly. 

We got the train to Sheffield (a packed bone-shaker... Holly barked at 2 people -  this is an improvement) then got a train to Chesterfield (Holly was excellent!). 

Walked from the start of the Chesterfield Canal to Renishaw, via the Hollingworth Hub , where we had a nice lunch at Nona's Cafe. 

When we finally got to Renishaw (8 rainy miles later) we called for well-earned refreshments at the Sitwell Arms. We were already soaked and they don't allow doggies inside but we managed to find a little sheltered side door, out of the rain. Holly is guarding my pint on the photo!

We did get from where we intended to start, to where we intended to finish, and then home but we managed to almost miss every mode of public transport we went for. Welcome to my world ;)

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