Strawberry Fair blip meet

Myself, Tubs and Monkey have been into Cambridge today.

We started off collecting my mum and taking her to collect her birthday present from Scotsdales garden centre, as usual my two were moaning they were hungry. Monkeys eye's were bigger than his belly when he decided he wanted this cake, he scoffed half of it down really quickly followed by a J2O. Then a few minutes later muttered those fatal words, i dont feel very well. He was ok, but didnt get any sympathy from me.

We then headed down to Midsummer common, where the Stawberry Fair was taking place. I had arranged to meet a fellow blipper Look, See, Click, it was lovely to meet her and her husband Roland.
We had a wonder round the fair, got to watch them break a world record for having the most number of fairies in one place, even the police joined in. They had to beat 69 which they did with over 140 people who joined the challenge.
I managed to catch up with the lovely Felicity who is the host of the Salon Rouge evenings we go to.
Have had a very enjoyable day.

Have a good evening :)

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