The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske


of the war... 

This year it's 70 years ago we were liberated from the occupying forces (the Germans)... Therefore, they have in the village Mill several bunkers decorated with things that have to do with World War II and our liberation! We're celebrating our liberation every year on May 5th. 
A few weeks ago I met the woman who created this artwork at one of the bunkers. We talk about her idea and why she has chosen this bunker. The man who made the other work of art at the bunker, arrived while we were chatting. Had an interesting conversation with two very interesting people... That is what I mainly love about my walks, I meet many different people. I hear interesting stories or just some funny ones.. 

I've posted some extra photos, so you can see the other artwork. And a close-up and the bunkers together... 

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