By Missycat

Mono Monday 66 May the fourth - Star Wars

Today's challenging theme was especially hard for me as I don't know a great deal about the films and I have no children of a suitable age to have toys/collections DVDs etc.  Well that's not entirely true: daughter #1's bf has a fine collection of items but they are in Tunisia atm so no good to me!
I went for a walk in Epping forest with Zeus09s mum this morning and had thoughts of turning my pics into the Forest of Naboo but that didn't really work...so that left Lilly.
To persuade her to have a piece of black cloth over her head for the briefest of moments took a considerably number of treats, but I do think it was worth it and that she has portrayed The Dark Side really rather well!
Thank you to DollyKGray for hosting this week's particularly challenging challenge.

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