Bank Holiday Bells!

Monday 4th May 2015       (backblip)

Have backblipped yesterday's Mystery Heap! ..... do hope you will have a look :-)

Rant to follow:

Woken this morning (so much for a lay-in) at 0804 with a 'voice text' from BT informing us to expect a call from them between 1412 & 1612 this afternoon! So much for going out anywhere ...... & the sun was shining!

At 1630 I got a little cheesed off (or something similar) waiting for the call ..... so rang them to find out what was going on! No record of the fact they were going to call us!!!!!!!!!! Not happy bunny ...... then find out they are looking into a fault that doesn't exist instead of the one we have!!!! Finally it was decided they would monitor the line ...... funny as I thought that was what they had been doing since last Monday ....... & we would be contacted again!

Rant over ...... for now anyway!

Although it was getting rather late by then we decided not to totally waste the sunshine & went for a walk in a wood a short distance away! While walking along taking photos & enjoying the peace ....... my mobile rang ..... BT again! We would hear from them within 24 hours! Put phone away again & continued walk! (Sorry that was almost another rant!)

It was lovely walking along listening to the birdsong ..... but unfortunately the sun then disappeared & it started to turn quite windy ..... so we gave up & went home!

Never mind ..... I'm sure it will get sorted eventually ...... I'll just keep thinking of the compensation we should be entitled to!

Thanks so much for dropping by :-)

Update: I had just finished typing this & tried to post when my Broadband dropped again!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

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