Oxford High School marching band

It is still early days before the big 'all school bands' competition... Each year at this time the Oxford marching band comes out of the school a few blocks away from my house. It plays, toots,  and bangs the drums while keeping step in time around the circle of little streets before they return to the school. Because the students change each year the band does too. 
You can appreciate how warm the weather has turned by seeing how the kids' dressed for after school practice.
I enjoy watching them-- the growing talent of the big boys, and girls, as well as, the up-coming little ones who can barely hold their instruments or flags.
After their sound has faded away and the cats have come out of their hiding places, the sounds still linger in my heart as a happy, small town benefit.
They come past twice a week so I shall try again to get a better, more complete blip of them before the end of the month when the competition happens. Perhaps I will be able to go to it!!

[Gardenrs: look how fast the trees are leafing out? The one that looks grey and dead, is.]

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