Splish, splash…...

Moira had a blast this afternoon swimming in the pool.  It was fun photographing her today.  The joy and pleasure on her face was sweet to see.  She was busy splashing and playing for over an hour.  I asked her if she would take off her arm floaters and try to swim to me this time.  I was fully expecting the same answer that I have received for the last month, "NO!"  But today, Moira was brave.  She simply said ok, took off the floaters and swam across the spa without them! I was so excited I forgot to take a picture!  I posted some more of her priceless expressions in the pool on flicker if you have time to have a look.

Thank you everyone who gave me some great ideas on how to be challenged with my blipping.  It was fun to put aside the phone camera and play around with the Nikon today.  I appreciated your encouragement!

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