By ChrisGroucutt


I think one of the reasons why I've always been drawn to music is because I've always understood (and loved), the frightening power of words. Words are like loaded bullets. They flow with history, and ambiguity, are laden with meanings, and whilst capable of great beauty, are equally capable of great ugliness and violence.

Music is, to me at least, always more honest in it's desire to communicate. There may well be ambiguity in the meaning, but this is more often a mirror to the listeners interpretation than the writers.
As I progress through this year of blipping, I'm beginning to find that same kind of honesty in photography. This is probably not a huge revelation to anyone in particular, or probably to anyone at all,  but it works for me. 

Maybe I'm on to something.. or maybe I'm just in a philosophical mood and need to listen to some music and look through some more blips. Or maybe I need more wine.

I'll try all three and let you know :)


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