Miss Keely Grace

A very rare capture of our eldest Grandie, Keely Grace, she is almost 14, and very camera shy these days, still not too big or too old to be measured on the height chart pinned on the Laundry door, the height chart started when she was just able to stand as a little tot, all 7 Grandies are on this chart, they are all measured in the same week at least 4 times a year, Grandad had to be measured tonight, Keely thought it was hilarious, as she is almost as tall as he is now.
Keely is still dedicated to her dancing, hip hop, ballet, Irish and tap, she enters comps twice a year and fairs very well, we always look forward to her end of year concert in front of hundreds of very proud parents and grandparents, it seems like only yesterday we were holding her in our arms rocking her to sleep, we are extremely proud of her and her achievements.

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