Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Caerphilly Castle East Gate Aerial View

The son has now moved into his house now that the builder has finished the major work. On the weekend he asked me to put up two sets of curtains in the large living room. I told him what size he needed. Needless to say the length just met the cill and the width wasn't enough to give the curtains folds when closed. He hadn't listened!

I made him go and change the two pairs whilst I continued putting up the two curtain poles on the large windows. I don't know how the shop managed it but with the refund/exchange he ended up paying just one set! Now that they are fitted it looks a lot more homely. He managed to pick up a nice second hand cream three piece leather suite for £130. I'm quite impressed with it.

On getting home my mate took the 4x4 for the air-con re-gassing. Hopefully the car will be problem free for quite a while. That took a couple of hours, so when he returned I went out to get an aerial view of Caerphilly town centre and the magnificent castle. I have posted a coupe of aerial views of it before, but they've been from the rear (West Gate). It was getting on for 5.30pm and I was hoping the sun would have died down but it was lovely and sunny. I needed to take it facing into the sun, which is a nuisance. As a result I took a RAW exposure as I know the ultra wide lens will cause problems. It's blown the sky on the one side but it doesn't detract too much from the view.

On getting home I didn't have time to upload it as I needed to get to Cardiff for a Uke' jamming session. It's good fun. It's better than playing on my own.

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