Viator Fabula

By Heliflyer

Austin 7

My father was a fanatical collector of all things to do with Austin 7s. He went through 3 or 4 Baby Austin 7s in his short life.

My father was killed at the age of 29, and his last Austin 7 lay rotting in a barn on a farm in Northumberland, until it was rescued many years later by his best friend from his Navy days.

His friend subsequently rebuilt the car, and it is driven around Buckinghamshire for weddings and other events. I think my Dad would be delighted to see how well cared for it has been, and to know what great pleasure it has brought to so many people.

This picture is of an Austin 7 that was on show at the Clickimin Centre in Lerwick, Shetland, on the occasion of the Shetland Classic Motor Show 2012. What a cracker!

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