By billy_green

East London running

I belong to a running club in East London and every year 8 clubs in East London have a tournament called ELVIS ( East London 5's (Roman numeral 'V') Interclub series. 
The '5' representing each race being 5 miles.
Today was the first race hosted by 'Havering 90'

My time was 40:50. A fair way off my best, but a heck of a long way from the winning runners.
I run for fun though. There are plenty slower than me, and taking part in a sport where not winning doesn't matter is the best kind of sport I think!!!

The lady in the photo is incredible.
She belongs to my club, she is 79, and still runs 5 miles in a very credible 50 minutes.
An incredible lady - There are plenty who finish behind her.

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