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Wide Angle Wednesday: Odd

Isn't it odd that whenever you leave the house without a camera, something appears that you need  to photograph?

Having lugged around a camera and a spare lens for most of the day, yet failed to take a shot I actually liked very much, I went off to choir this evening grumpy and camera-less. On the way there I passed a buzzard sitting in a tree by the side of the road - but consoled myself that even if I'd had a camera in my hand it probably wouldn't have waited around long enough for me to snap it.

On the way back I found myself following this sunset, and driving a lot less circumspectly than I normally do. By the time I got home it was fading, but I burst into the house, ran upstairs, grabbed the camera, hurled myself back downstairs and out of the house, jumped back in the car and shot off to Offenham Bank. I then ran up the bridle path (I do wish my rheumatologist had been there to see it - it takes a lot to render him speechless, but I think this would have done it), and reached the top of the hill just in time to rattle off four shots before the colour disappeared altogether.

It's not the best sunset photo I've ever taken, but after all that there was no way I wasn't going to blip it!

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