Barman's Blips

By barman58

Lucking after the little things !

OK, I went out with my camera yesterday, nothing too unusual in that ;), However, this afternoon, as I took the camera out of the bag, and commenced to give it a quick wipe over I realised that it was not the same!

Somehow the rubberised Eye-cup surround was missing! and although the camera has an excellent live view, I always use the traditional viewfinder for wildlife shots, the live view is great for still life and landscape work, but does not help with a steady grip .

This little piece of rubber and plastic is quite important to me as I am a spectacle wearer, and would not like to damage the lens of my glasses ;)

Now of course this is an extended bank holiday weekend, so I could not look to obtain a replacement until Wednesday ...
... so I decided I would retrace my steps from the day before, in the vain impossible hope of finding this little essential.

Now of course the weather was not in my favour, but at least I knew where I last used the camera, actually to take yesterday's blip image, and that the item would have been there at that time, unfortunately I walked quite a way between last use and packing the camera, and this was at a local wildlife site, which was now quickly becoming something that would have Noah reaching for his Hammer and Saw.

Well you should never give up, as I walked in the rain for an hour, retracing my steps carefully looking at the ground, (I was careful when I crossed the bridge over a brook ;) ).

Eventually I came to the actual location of my last shot yesterday and peeping out of the grass was the missing item - amazed, I picked it up and found it was in full working order. What LUCK!!

Now the cost of this Item is a huge £12 from Sony direct on-line, but of course the cost of replacement spectacles would be potentially a lot more, and the thought of not having use of my camera for potentially a week was priceless.

Moral of this tale is, check your kit regularly to ensure that there is nothing that can drop off, and maybe buy spares before you need them ... ...

I'm off to place an order for a spare ... ... ... and to buy a lottery ticket LOL

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