Butterfly Happiness

Today was a happy day for Moira because we saw lots of butterflies in the yard and it was a sad day for her because she didn't catch a single one in her net! 
I told her we needed to stand very still and let the butterflies come to us.  Only after a couple of minutes we saw five different butterflies.  Moira was beside herself with joy and was eagerly waving the net and jumping trying to catch them.  After some gentle persuasion, she quickly calmed down and was patient waiting for the butterflies to come to us.  This Eastern Black Swallowtail was busy sipping the nectar of this flower in our front yard.  It was fun to watch it open and close its wings while it rapidly sucked up the nectar.  Moira really wanted to grab hold of the Swallowtail but I convince her to just let me take a pretty photo first.  They are very swift flyers and it was gone as quickly as it came.  Even though she was a little sad she didn't catch a butterfly, she really enjoys the adventure of the hunt.  I appreciated taking the time to stand still and just observe nature. Seeing and hearing everything that is alive with my granddaughter was a blessed moment.
When we came back inside, Moira quickly went to her butterfly book to look up the Swallowtail.  Thank you Debbi again for furthering her interest in nature!

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