Life is a Minestrone !!

By bererunner

What a difference a day makes........!!

"What a difference a day makes, twenty four little hours", fabulous lyrics from a soul classic, sang by the late, great, and hugely under rated Esther Phillips, who like so many other great performers lost her life at an outrageously young age to the scourge that is drug use.
Kept an eye on the sky while I was at work last night, beautifully clear up until around 1-30 am. I knew the weather was due to take a turn for the worst later in the morning, so I took a punt and left work at around 1-45am and headed up to Harting Down. Dark, dark is an understatement, and it's so eerily quiet. Unfortunately by the time I got there the cloud had started to build, by the time the tripod and intervalometer were set up, there were only a hand full of stars to be seen. That's life, not to waste the night time hours I visited three other sites which had been recommended by various people as having very little light pollution. Finally got back over to Fareham at about 6-15, dipped in to Lower Quay again, "What a difference a day makes", no clear sky, no bright sunshine, certainly not a summers morning. All that was on offer was this watery sunshine, by the time I got down to Fort Brockhurst to check on the cygnets, no sunshine, just thick grey cloud and a stiff easterly wind. The cygnets were struggling to stay under the pen's wing, I swear I could them shivering, actually that might have been me..............
Roll on Summer.........


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