and through the wire...

By hesscat

The Men's Shed

I've been working (volunteering) with Mr G on a filming project to record some of the efforts of the older generation in Midlothian who contribute and run voluntary organisations. We've been to 7 groups in 6 days and heard some moving stories and seen some amazing people, all helping others and filling a gap in care from our council - hmmm... our council tax has not changed in I don't know how many years.

We've enjoyed it, I took the back seat role of sound recording for a change and Mr G did the filming. The next stage is editing, I have one and a half weeks... should be fine...

I'd meant to blip from the other groups I'd been at but we were always rushed. Today, at the Men's Shed, where the men gather to build and repair things, I found a few mins for us to stop and pose :-)

It seems to be my 500th and I'm still enjoying this as much as I have always done. A number of the people I follow are into their thousands, which seems a quite amazing achievement given how much it has taken for me to get here. Anyway, for all those that look or comment on my blips, thank you :-)

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