Exreme close-up

Biked to and from work today. It was supposed to be nicer than yesterday when I got drenched walking back from the dentist to work at lunch time. It was okay but you'd hardly say it was warm, and I certainly felt in on the bike in my shorts and T-shirt!

The light was neither one thing or another, and with the cold wind I wasn't keen to blip as much today as I should have... In the end I've settled on another extreme close-up of the clematis on the front of our house.

So far my temporary crown fitted yesterday hasn't fallen out, and the soreness from all the dental work as worn off though the anaesthetic wore of a fraction faster...

While I don't record my weight except on Sunday mornings, my between "official" weigh ins have all been in the right direction - but I probably won't hit my Sunday target as I need too - not unless I eat nothing between now and Sunday morning, which isn't a good idea.

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