The water butt in our garden, in fact one of several. It rained more or less daily when we were in England and the water supply is ensured. At least for a while.

We have had a very slow and recuperative day after the excitements of yesterday. Did yoga, feeling like it was an eternity since the last time. It was yesterday. Felt like my age might be catching me up - but surely not???

This evening we were at a party to celebrate a friend's 60th birthday - and his goodbye to Härnösand. Very lovely to be together with people I have known for a fair while - and who I really really like! Such a treat to be in the green house at Vårsta as well, a rather exclusive party location.

It is encouraging to have friends who go their own way and find their own paths through life, energy for change is always so lovely to see, and be part of.

Excellent food from Olle's hands, and fun activities lead by Karin. Honestly - I feel very lucky to have such a charming bunch of people in my life.

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