An Avid Lensman

By SarumStroller

Layer Cake!

No, not the violent and very average British crime film but this 'slice' of sponge, or even Battenburg cake, in fact nothing more than the sharp edge of a rapeseed field, with a swathe of pink (campions?) growing in the headland.

I make no excuses for milking the now all-too familiar rapeseed yellow, as long as it is different to what I had posted before - and this is very different! An effective focal length of 560mm squashes the elements together, bunching them into layers. I also rather like the shadow at the bottom, as the early-ish sun was reaching over the trees behind me.

Little Primrose, is expecting a little brother, or sister, any day now. Mother is very much overdue and later this afternoon I'm going round to my friend Jonny for a catch-up. He'll be delighted at being a granddad, twice over.

Reduced Tesco Hunter's chicken and roast pots in the oven now and a day of rest (mostly). Two good, steep and energetic walks over past two days has left me a little achy.

Huge thanks to ALL and everything on yesterday's Bluebells Blip! Have a super relaxed Sunday!

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