My lovely Cousin Archie Lockie

..................................................Same name as my Dad.........he is "Young Archie" in our family, my Dad would have been Archie and my Grandad was ......well Grandad to me but I can't remember meeting him and I wouldn't have known. He wouldn't have known either, what he would have been called..........probably, "the old man" He was a very tough cookie.

Anyway, it is the day of the funeral of my cousin, Anna Catherine Howlett, on the Lockie side, called Nana in earlier days. She preferred Anna. The funeral service was good and described her well. It was written by the family of course and we couldn't disagree with any of it. It was a sort of Old fashioned Scottish funeral, the service taken from the church she attended. I only objected to one thing that was said and that was the implication that her goodness came from the fact that she had faith in .....the Lord or the church ..................well I didn't go with that one. She was good and kind and generous because that was her nature. I said that to my sister and she also agreed and said that your faith was a different thing from the way you turned out to be. My sister has very good answers for these questions.

After the funeral (see pictures on flickr and picture 2 where, if you have never seen this before the chosen people of the family lower the coffin by holding on to certain order of hierarchy) we went to partake of lunch. It was a fine do and we talked to everyone who knew her and of the great respect they had for her. Apparently she was a terrific dancer in her day and a great laugh at her work and a general all round good person who everyone will miss.  Our family were mentioned in the ceremony by name and her half brother seen here in the center of the picture.

Just to refer to the olden days once more, We were brought up to think that Archie here was our Uncle (he was indeed brought up by our Granny) but he was actually our cousin. We were a bit slow on the uptake that there were two members of the same family called Archie Lockie (one my father and the other this Archie......born out of wedlock to Nana's Mother Mattie)........oooops         so as well as TB being denied in the Macleod side of the family (my mothers side) so was a child born out of wedlock. James Macleod (from my mother's side) had TB and was buried in the same graveyard as Nana but it is a huge graveyard that we will have to do some more research to find his place.

We (6 of us)went back to our hotel for a rest and then emerged later for a coffee and a walk along the banks of the Ness River. Later we had dinner with my Cousin Kate and her husband and it was a very jolly affair and a right good laugh. Thats exactly what Nana would have wanted and its what I want too when pass on !

Sorry I didn't blip last night. I was much too tired and I should take a lesson from this and do this again as I dont have the full 24 hours in the day due to my sleeping requirements.

Thats it................Now doing today's blip which might be simple

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