Still scanning and, as I roll back the years and one family photo album is dismantled after another, I realise just how much a part of our lives were the dogs we kept. All my life, until these last few years, there has almost always been at least one dog in the house. So this is the day I record this, whilst I am surrounded by the photos.

Here is Sunny, a Rough Collie. We got him after the previous collie died and when our eldest daughter was eleven and said she would take a lot of the responsibility for him. Which she did. She was the one who took him to training classes, worked out his food and walks schedule and generally took care of him. But he was the family dog and, looking at the photographs now, I realise just what a part of the family he was. A wonderful, amenable dog, with whom we had many adventures. Sad was the day when we lost him. 
Our last dog was also a Rough Collie, but tricolour. He may get into my journal some day. And it has suddenly occurred to me – if we had either of them now, I would never be short of a blip!!

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