Cypriot .........

............. symmetry. 

Photo 7/8 of the Where' s BikerBear Now Challenge

Another scorcher without a cloud in the sky ...... phew!!!
Last completely full day today so we took the bus down to town for a wander - this building (not sure what it houses) took my fancy for its symmetry.

Been a good break - very quiet and nothing wrong with that at all - very nice hotel but not in a very attractive area - the economic slump has really hit here.  We would come back but would stay in a different area next time.

Looking forward to seeing my Mum and also Shadow ...... will only be back four days and then a two day "mission" is on the cards!  No rest for the wicked at all  :-))

Last Cyprus blip tomorrow - we leave at 5.00pm!

Thanks so much for all your comments and stars while I have been away - they are always very welcome.

~ Anni ~

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