Albion Falconry (Saturday 9th May 2015)

This year's falconry display at Lacock Abbey was by Albion Falconry, who specialize in reviving traditional falconry techniques from different countries. Fittingly, for Lacock, they were demonstrating Tudor Falconry, and came in authentic Tudor costume.

They had a selection of their sixteen birds on view in the cloisters, including a saker falcon, a barbary falcon, a peregrine falcon and a kestrel. They have a goshawk, which I would have been thrilled to see, but it was currently in moult at their base in Wales. One peregrine falcon, Mortimer, was not on his stand as he was hiding in a tree after the morning performance, having been mobbed and attacked by crows protecting their young.

Helen Rowlands is seen in this blip putting Ferenc, their thoroughbred saker falcon, through his paces, and he put on a very impressive display.

Unfortunately, it proved rather an unfortunate start to the season for Albion Falconry as shortly afterwards Helen was rushed off to hospital with an extreme kidney infection, and Andy Damage was on a 3 a.m. 16-mile hunt for Mortimer. This was sadly unsuccessful and he had to put on two more displays at Lacock the following day without his star falcon or his partner who had been put on enforced rest.

Mortimer went out of tracking range somewhere near Basingstoke, when Andy was in Studley, near Calne, and has not been recovered. Mortimer was parent trained so has his natural instincts intact and chances of his survival are quite good.

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