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Loch Leven Castle

Grand day out for me & Little Miss B today - Mrs B had to work, so we had a bonus Daddy Day adventure.

Followed in the footsteps of the Chaos Bros on the boat trip over to Loch Leven castle. Idyllic spot - I could have stayed there all day, but LMB wanted to keep moving, so we headed back to lunch at Loch Leven larder, drove home, had a nap (both of us) then took the dogs for a run around the woods.

Back home for a barbie with Auntie Caroline and Uncle Sam, preceeded by a long 'discussion' with LMB about why she's not allowed to poo in the garden, even when the dogs are.

Caught the end of the Jubilee concert on TV. Which reminded me that even though I've lived all my life in the UK and have a British passport, I'm most definitely not British - all this patriotism in London makes me feel like a foreigner.

(Although to be fair, I'd probably feel the same way about patriotism in Dublin - I suspect I'm not really Irish either)

Maybe being Northern Irish means not really belonging anywhere?

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