The Gunmanian's Life

By Keisuke

Mid-night Occurrence

This might be cheating but this is a todays blip, which I grabbed at 2:30am on my way home form the library. Exactely today! So just let it go.

I witnessed a weird occurrence on my way home at 2:30 am. I came across some lads who were completely drunk and having a mayonnaise fighting; they probably nicked it from a takeaway, because they were eating fish & chips. They were shouting and standing in the middle of the road, even though several cars were passing by them. I was really afraid that the mayonnaise they threw would hit cars, or if the lads would have been ran over. However, they seemed very good at throwing it towards their friends. It was weird and not to mention crazy, but it was very funny since I have never seen something like this happen before and I would never see something like this happen in my home country. It was such a nice experience as long as they didn't do any harm to me.

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