Happy Birthday Ma'am

As Grace Jones let it slip to the world that it was the Queen's birthday tonight and not in fact anything to do with sitting 60 years on the throne, we headed out to watch the birthday candles being lit all along the Ochil Hills. This one was the furthest east, atop Dumyat, where there were probably a couple of dozen tiny figures swarming around the burning brazier when it was lit at quarter past ten on the dot.

There is a flame up there, honest - you'll just have to move in a bit to blow it out. Part of the problem was it just isn't dark up here at 10:15 (it wasn't much darker at 11 when we headed back).

The whole thing was upstaged though by a pretty spectacular golden full moon rising to the south (good spot by my enthusiastic Angry Birds playing camera assistant there). It must've looked great from up there on the summit.

Day off tomorrow (today!). All seems a bit strange what with being at work today and not sure if it feels like a Friday or Saturday.

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