By TravisBetz

The Writing Circle

1. Today was a big day, as I had a phone meeting with Dimension Films about writing a very big remake. When I got off the call I started thinking about stories to tell in that world...but first I had to drain the pool cause it was gross. ANything to procrastinate a bit longer. 

2. Then I got to work. I decided to kick it old school and do all my idea churning in a notebook, so as not to have the internet in front of me for distraction. 

3. When the bar juices ran dry, I switched to the front porch for some more brainstorming. 

4. At night I went super dramatic (this is a horror film after all) and lit some candles around the old Lo pentagram. I sat in the middle and fleshed out some more stuff. It was a full day I plan to repeat for the next several. Would love to get this job...sweet lord.

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