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The Brood

Our normally uneventful evening walk was anything but today. As we set off a young man pulled up and called to us. He had lost his husky dog and was frantically riding around Tenstmuir calling for him. We promised to keep our eyes open. We carried on to the first hide. Once inside we looked out at the very bird free water. Just then a kingfisher plonked itself down on a bull rush just in front of us. A scramble to open the hide window and fire up the camera.....poof off flew the kingfisher.

We carried on with our walk and stopped at the third hide. Went in settled down. Nothing to see but the pair of swans on the opposite bank. I zoomed in on them and spotted the cygnets. Bundles of cute fluffiness. We thought we could count six but on the big screen at home there are clearly eight. I shall gloss over the buzzard swirling ominously above them. I am sure mum and dad will keep them safe.

We carried on with the final leg of the walk. Some other dog walkers ahead of us seemed to be dawdling. We held back a bit and then saw a bit of a commotion. The escaped husky had been found by one of their party and was safely leaded up. Turns out they are local dog walkers and knew the owner so would take it home to him. A happy ending.

And it turns out that tomorrow is Friday...almost the weekend. :)
ps Mr Lif has chosen to nap through RHS Chelsea this evening. A much safer and wiser option. Don't you think?

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