Dog in training

Could you help change a life? Training a blind dog costs £34,000 and this afternoon I met a couple who have taken up this challenge.
These volunteer puppy walkers had Odell, and I met them in our local tearoom, the Allanwater café, known throughout central Scotland as the best place place for fish and chips and home made Italian icecream.

Odell is a nine month old Alsatian, and she will stay with them  until she is about 16 months old then she will start her proper training as a guide dog for the blind.
Meanwhile their job is to socialise her, and going into cafes and meeting new people is all part of that process along with travelling on buses, going to concerts and getting used to all kinds of traffic, noises and different animals.
Yes it’s a tall order and a very challenging job too. But very worthwhile.
I was very interested to learn though that there is a scheme whereby you can board a dog for a week or two while their blind owner is on holiday.
Now that’s a thought….wonder how my ,Taz, would take to it though.
If you are interested then contact Emma Murton Volunteer Consultant: Email-, or ring 0845 372 7406.

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