By Leiflife

A Day of Gentle Gifts

Today I woke early, quite ready to place the new sculpture back in the kiln to acquire its glaze. She was heating up by seven, and I was peacefully back on my bed with my Journal and coffee. Lovely to let the words flow from my mind without judgment of any sort. This is ritual for me...along with my milky coffee and a banana. A start to my day...

My walk with Music and Pearl is also a walk with my camera. I caught Pearl as we walked out my driveway doing her roll in the dirt. She didn't get much further than that. I suppose the dirt is cool to furry cat body. It was ninety degrees today. We walked out the pottery road and past the annex and workshops, crossed Shearwater Drive, and entered the nice little park where I couldn't resist the roses...with the harbor boats in the background.

Music didn't last very long in the heat, and I was pretty much in agreement. So back down the pottery road where I photographed my handsome old dog in profile with the road behind him. Then a photo of just the road with some very nice dappled light. Look to the right side of the road for the turtle crossing sign. Turtles cross this road at various places, but the sign is  in hopes of slowing the cars that visit Shearwater Pottery. All over the small city of Ocean Springs people stop their cars to assist the slow turtles across. We appreciate turtles around here.

Back home, I posted a blip of a sad little mockingbird that rather reflected my yesterday. The happy roses are much more reflective of today. After a few comments, I went down to my studio and danced until lunch time, drawing a little as well. After lunch, Pearl discovered an enormous turtle under the house. I had to caution her though I think the turtle was laying some eggs. It was in meditative mode...very focused. Time for a short nap for me.

My extra photos include one of Pearl with my blue shoes as I take her picture (I think she was saying something rude to me.), and two that were taken on the road.

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