Tattered And Torn

Millions of the tipuana tipu tree's helicopter seeds are falling to the ground and many of the older ones on the ground are tattered and torn.

They do have quite an amazing structure which is slowly revealed as the layers are peeled away. Their beauty is now in the skeleton and I played around with the macro lens again and accentuated the detail by using mono.

If you refer back to my blip of 15th May you'll see the seeds still on the tree. Unfortunately I no longer have the edit functions to use when posting a link, I've no idea why, so here's the complete address as the link. https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2045903673552274393

My extra is of the sky tonight as we walked back home just taken with my phone. It's just after the sun has set and the sliver of the moon is hanging above with Venus hovering as well, it looked quite beautiful.

We've had visitors from interstate tonight so I'm posting this very late. I'll catch up with you all tomorrow! :))

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