A glorious sunny day today, and I so wanted to get back into the Park, but I have to stay with Mish, because she gets anxious if I'm away too long.

She's much better today than yesterday, but still groggy along with this pretty little paper wasp.  I think it's on the way out.  Mish isn't though (on the way out that is) and can get around reasonably comfortably, but prefers to sleep.  She just wants to be where I am.  Poor little dog - she may have to have part of her pad removed if it doesn't heal by next Friday.

Thank God for insurance.  We weren't going to insure her, but Ernie has had a terrible time, with incredibly expensive operations, so we thought for the relatively little amount we have to pay each week it would be worth it.  Little did we know we'd need it so soon.

Anyway - this wasp - he/she's just a little paper wasp, possibly kicked out of the communal nest, and it's much too cold to survive over night.  When I got up to Mish around 3.30am, it was only 3 degrees C outside.

I put him into a nice sheltered little corner after he'd finished his modelling session.  I live in hope.

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