The Font of Innocence

Bank Holiday Monday and we had sun. Something's not quite right there then!

A quick hour in the fountains in Bradford before my friend Emma came to stay with her baby. This is just a boy I spotted enjoying the moment .

I got told off ( again ) by the girls for being an embarassing parent by going knee high in the fountains with my jeans rolled up half mast like Simon Le Bon in some terrible cheesey 80's beach video . I then looked to my left and saw someone else's mum in just shorts and a bra ( a bit like Desparately Seeking Susan but not quite as classy ) and it made me look fairly modest. We're a funny lot us Brits when it comes to bare flesh in the summer... Next time I may up the ante wear a chain mail bikini with matching arm bands just to really annoy the girls ; although am not convinced that metal is the best floating aid on the market!!

Lovely Emma came to stay and lovely Emma brought lovely chocolates, lovely cakes, lovely champagne and of course her lovely baby.

We caved and watched the jubilympics stuff on the TV but it had to be done.
For all women aged over about 38 , watch and enjoy being swept back to an era of hydrogen peroxide and square jaw lines

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