What The Blip!

By JebusBlips

Con Moto

Drum set, check. Guitar, check. Bass guitar, check. Narrowboat, check! Apparently everything you need if you are Italian musicians filming a music video!

8 mile run this morning with fellow Nike Run Clubbers Rob, Charlotte, Kirsty and Donna, starting from Stratford Westfield and heading out along the Regent's Canal towards Angel.

We turned back just past Victoria Park with the intention to cut through the park itself on our way back to Stratford. I stopped for this shot and then hurried to catch the others but we took different paths through the park.

We had a pre-determined meeting point so I picked up the pace and proceeded through the park and then slipped in through the back way to the Olympic Park.

Not long after that I was reunited with the others and supping on an ice blended latte and munching on a granola square from Caffè Nero*

Home now with French Open tennis on TV in background as I upload my gps data from my watch.

*other coffee chains are available

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