Today saw the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500 mile race. Usually viewed as a strange spectacle by Europeans. A race more than twice the distance of a Formula One race, run in a little over the time it takes for an F1 race. This is the big race for Indycar, their Monaco, their Le Mans 24 hours. The one you must win.

An AVERAGE speed around the track of 230mph. 

Imagine driving on the motorway at 100 mph, with your wing mirrors pretty much interlocked with the chap next to you and someone on your rear quarter just as close. Now more than double that speed. It is gladiatorial.

We have been responsible for the design of the Honda engined cars bodywork and wings (through work) and a number of us went into work to watch the race (those of us without Sky or BT sport or whichever subscription channel it was on).

It was a very good race, lots of excitement, close passes, lead changes. A few accidents, some daft, some just 'racing incidents'. The race ended up as a demonstration of how good the Penske and Ganassi teams are. Between them running 8 cars in the race, all Chevrolet powered. Our Honda teams, and all the other Chevy teams played second fiddle to them. Our highest finish was 5th for a Honda car.

We all left deflated and disappointed.

Work will start soon on how we will fight back for the 100th running next year

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