Little Teapots!

Many many years ago, probably about 14-15 actually, our neighbors' daughter Bromley, who used to come play with our girls, gave me these little teapots...cos i am a potter!

I have cherished them all this time, they sit on the windowsill of my studio and they have moved with me over the past few years.  

Later today:  had to add an extra photo (nice that we have this option) because today Richard took the first plunge of the year, into the is last years plunge.  

Now she is all grown up and i'm 'friends' with Bromley on FB....she's now a professional photographer and a wonderful young woman.  Here is a link to her website:

It is so awesome to watch these young and vibrant people who used to be little kids living next door!  I feel pretty proud of her, even altho i'm not her mom!!!

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