What are you about?

What is the purpose of your life?
OK. OK. …… this is Hay Festival, scene of blue-sky thinking, Big Ideas and thinking outside the envelope.
And who better to answer that question than social philosopher Charles Handy.
If you are religious then you already have a ready-made answer.  But so many of us in this secular age no longer hold such beliefs. Where is our moral compass?
Handy offered an answer to this age-old question. It’s not original. It goes back to Aristotle.
He defined it as: “Eudaimonia” a complex Greek word which Handy loosely translates as:”doing your best at what you are best at, for the benefit of others.”

I took this photo of Charles Handy and his wife, Elizabeth, at the end of his very long book signing session. Such was the demand for his book, “The Second Curve” that they ran out, but not before I bought my copy.

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