The Life and Times of ...

By PappaG


Morning all,

Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship - Benjamin Franklin

Work. Love his pic as 1) It makes us look so close to shore
                                       2) There are two ships on which doesn't
                                            happen very often but hopefully we are
                                            increasing to again.
Ship on the left is the 'Sarpen', departing with 605,000 barrels of Scotlands finest. The tugs can be seen assisiting this departure.
The Ship on the right, 'British Falcon', has been in for a while assisting us with 'pigging' operations. This is where we check the subsea line for corrosion, wear and tear etc for re-certification. HP1 has just successfully been completed, the Ship will now be loaded with a cargo and sailed. It will return soon to do the same on HP2.

Here is a link if you'd like to no more about 'pigging'. Most people think PIG is an acronym for Pipeline Inspection Gauge.....I like that years ago 'pigging' was done just for cleaning and straw tied with wire was used which 'squealed' as it went up the line.....just like a pig !! ;0)

Have a great day ;0)

TTFN ;0)

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