A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins

The Demise

Evening all,

Well, its ten o clock at night and the cacophony of noise that is filling the main room of our holiday house is deafening, mainly due to the wild screaming of children and adults, not fleeing from a plague of wasps, but from the competitive edge that a game of Mario Kart brings out in the lot of them.

We have had a stormy day weather wise and the signal for the internet went down this evening, causing consternation and much wailing and gnashing of teeth as we were using it to try and find a local take away that delivered, rather than braving the winds and rain!

This is another blip of a wasp, not a great one as i had to do it hand held, (the camera not the wasp that is) but it was hanging around the house when we got in this afternoon and i thought i'd blip it before it left us.

I would refer you to the blip on the 24th May on the difficulties inherent in trying to towel dry a wasp covered in sugar solution, suffice to say, it hasn't improved any.

Night all


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