Wednesday Night....

....means film night.....again. They don't half roll round quick.

This time we ventured out to the cinema to watch the new Poltergeist. I did love the original so went with that in mind thinking the new one wouldn't be as good and I was correct. The latest incarnation is not terrible and it did make me jump at least once. 5.5/10.

I had a cheap night as the Director paid or dinner and Damon paid for the cinema tickets for payment of Garden duties Two Weeks ago.

My subject for tonight is Alex's daughter Ella who was kind enough to let me photograph on the walk to the cinema in front of some nice graffiti.

She's only 14 so we had to sneak he into the cinema, naughty I know but she does like her horrors.

Look large to avoid scaling softness.

Thanks for looking

Mr Bo Hingles

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