Moira loves to play "Bingo". She is yelling Bingo in this photo.  I think what she really loves to do is beat me at a game and yell loudly!  We played ten games in a row and she won everyone of them.  I had to do some talking to change the game to Candy Land.  After I was sent back to gumdrop lane for the fifth time, she finally won CandyLand.  (that was a long game!) We were then ready to go fishing, so we played Go Fish!  After three games of Go Fish, which she won, I was ready for her to take a nap.  All that winning at games kept her very awake.  It took me reading ten books for her to get tired enough to sleep.  I was very happy to have a little breather from all that losing!  Feeling blessed to play with my granddaughter!

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